mm  Varicose vein is a common vascular problem in the Philippines.  Currently, there are several venous procedures available in the country  for the treatment of this problem including its complications (hyperpigmentation, venous stasis ulcers).  Prior to any varicose vein intervention, it is highly recommended that patients be evaluated clinically which entails undergoing extensive history taking, thorough physical examination and possibly a venous duplex study. This set of  evaluation will gauge the severity of the venous problem, thus appropriate venous treatment can be applied. 

The "My Varicose Veins" website is a health service oriented site.  The website is focused in providing an overview of the varicose vein management options available in the Philippines.   The most common reasons for consultation among patients with varicose veins include:

Our vein doctor is a US trained Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon. He has been practicing as a Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon in the Philippines for more than 15 years.  He has an extensive experience in the management of vascular diseases particularly the leg vein varicosities.  In the field of vein diseases, he performs up to date endovascular interventions such as endovenous ablations & stenting.  He is also proficient  in performing outpatient, office based procedures such as endovenous ablations, sclerotherapy and micro phlebectomy.   He is currently affiliated in different clinic, hospital and medical center in Metro Manila for which he can perform venous procedures.